Are you behind on payments? Are you a tired landlord? Thinking of renting out a house you need to get rid of?  Are you ready to move but you don’t have enough equity to sell your home because you cannot afford the realtor’s fees, holding costs,  closing costs and upfront taxes?


We can often take over your house payments, saving your credit, and letting you go on with your life!

We do this by positioning pre-qualified, exceptional families to buy your home.  We have an extensive buyer’s list with families eager to own a house just like yours!

Call today and we can discuss this option in depth…you don’t need to clean, repair, get an appraisal or have a termite inspection.  It’s easy, fast and gets  you on down the road to LIFE!


This video is geared toward tired landlords but applies to all who need to sell NOW!

Pre Wholesale CL video